State of the Art

We operate one of the most sophisticated Defence laboratories in the world, with ultra-modern equipment

Maximum Security

All of our research is locked away in a level-four facility, inaccessible to all but the most senior scientists and defence officials


Our laboratory poses no risk to the public due to its advanced systems, ensuring nothing dangerous can escape

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State of the art tech

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Test Tubes Aplenty

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We love science and science loves us.

Public Notifications


Please disinfect all of your clothes. Again, this has nothing to do with the recent alert issued by the laboratory, which in turn was nothing to do wi
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Everything Is Fine

You may now return outdoors as the incident - which was nothing to do with the work we carry out here at the laboratory - is over. If you see anyone o
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A very non-toxic and harmless material has escaped from the laboratory. However, we ask that everyone in Sloven remain indoors indefinitely and do not
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